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As part of the NanoLabNL facilities, TNO is currently building a new EUV beamline at 13 nm. This ultraclean beamline will be capable of exposing full EUV reticle size targets, pellicles and mirrors for optics lifetime testing. This could contribute to EUV scanner equipment developments for high volume manufacturing. More information: EBL2, EUV exposure and analysis facility.

News & Agenda Delft

Date: 2018-04-10

Location: Delft

Symposium on Direct Write, Optical, Ion and Electron Beam Lithography >>>

Date: 2016-12-08

Location: Delft

Nieuwe extreem UV licht faciliteit EBL-2 van TNO ziet 'first light' >>>

Date: 2016-07-12

Location: Delft

TNO building a new EUV beamline >>>

Date: 2014-03-14

Location: Delft

Kavli Nanolab recently ordered a new, second Electron Beam Lithography machine >>>