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Are you looking for a specific tool for, for example, lithography, thermal processing or deposition? Or do you already have a specific tool in mind and are you looking for a NanoLabNL-location where you can find that tool?

Please use the NanoLabNL database to find the tool that you are looking for. You can search by:

  • Location
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NanoLabNL facility use
1. initial consultation is free
2. advice, discussion of process, process flow development
3. use of facilities
· independent use of cleanroom after training
· hiring in cleanroom expertise (contract research)
· independent use of facilities with assistance from experienced technicians

Can't find what you are looking for? Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., head programme office NanoLabNL (MESA+),  or one of our representatives on location.

NanoLabNL possesses basic and expert technologies

Each of our five locations offer a range of basic and expert technologies. The basic technologies provide a general infrastructure suitable for common nanofabrication activities with a low geographical threshold. The expert technologies provide unique facilities and/or expertise unlikely to be found anywhere else in the country.

The expert technologies of the NanoLabNL locations are:


MESA+ NanoLab Twente

  • Micro/nano MEMS, – fluidics, – electronics and – optics
  • 2D/3D-nanostructures
  • Nano devices/materials
  • Advanced analysis facilities

Kavli NanoLab Delft

  • Nanostructuring by charged particle beams
  • Fabrication of quantum devices
  • Bionano imaging  

Else Kooi Lab Delft

  • Nanodevice integration
  • Sensors
  • Detectors
  • Wafer level integration
  • Microsystems 

TNO NanoLab Delft

  • Contamination control
  • (EUV) Optics Lifetime
  • Nanofabrication for quantum computing 

NanoLab@TU/e Eindhoven 

  • Organic, magnetic and semiconducting materials & devices
  • III-V integrated photonics

Zernike NanoLab Groningen

  • Quantum electronic materials
  • Molecular self-assembly
  • Device technology for Green ICT

AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam

  • Optical and mechanical metamaterials
  • Nanophotonic and nanophotovoltaic materials & devices

Please contact our representatives to discuss the possibilities for your project.

Access to our facilities is arranged via NanoLabNL representatives of the participating institutions. You can find their contact information on our Contact page.

- Access to the NanoLabNL facilities is provided according to all 3 different access modes as defined in the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures. -

Two categories of NanoLabNL users are distinguished:

  1. Public research communities
  2. Private parties and other users

In case of waiting times for NanoLabNL equipment, priorities are determined according to the following rules:

  • Users from all categories have equal rights for access to facilities or equipment.
  • In case of capacity limits the local head of NanoLabNL for a given institution will decide. In this case users from category 1  will get access first.
  • Regulations with respect to facility use are strictly according to the local procedures (e.g. for intake, reservation of equipment, etc. ) at a given institution. Users are obliged to strictly follow the indications from the local facility responsible or deputy. Violation in this context may result in the user no longer being allowed access to the facility.

The NanolabNL parties nor the corresponding institutions will accept any responsibility for damage, directly or indirectly related to using the NanoLabNL facilities at the given institution.

We distinguish two rates* related to NanoLabNL facility use:

  • Public rate: Users from public research communities in the Netherlands**
    e.g. NWO, STW, Universities, Research institutes, etc.
  • Private rate: Other users, private parties.

     Pricing level for 2017-2018*** 

Cost item (per person)

Public user (€)

Private user (€)

Variable costs/day

installations, materials



Variable costs/day

technology, personnel



Fixed costs/day

depreciation installations and equipment  



Tariff NanoLabNL per day



Tariff NanoLabNL per hour




* These rates apply to the use of the facilities of the 5 official partners of NanoLabNL and do not apply to the use of the facilities of associated partner Philips Innovation Services.

** Please note that the costs for use by researchers in the own institutions costs are paid according to the financial arrangements at that particular institution, with the public rate as the upper limit.

*** Different rates may apply for certain equipment.


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