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NanoLabNL, the cooperative consortium of research institutes in the field of nanotechnology infrastructure, presented ten vouchers to new industrial users of our NanoLabNL facilities. The vouchers, worth €7,500 each, entitle holders to 50 - 75 hours of independent use of the facilities (including training) and/or related advice. The vouchers are intended for industrial parties such as start-ups and young companies that are building up a business based on research results. These vouchers allow companies to acquaint themselves with our research facilities in an accessible way, and are a way for us to stimulate commercial activity in this field.

Of the 28 requests for vouchers NanoLabNL selected the following ten companies as recipients: AeroTech Development B.V., Bronkhorst High-Tech BV, Demcon, DENSsolutions, Minus9, MyLife Technologies BV, PhotonX Networks B.V., Satrax, Succesun and Tide Microfluidics.

These were all companies that had not previously made use of the NanoLabNL facilities and had submitted requests that could be technically and independently realised within the facilities. The companies will be getting down to work at NanoLabNL in the near future.

New opportunities for vouchers
Due to the success of this voucher round, the Board of the NanoLabNL Foundation has decided to hold two additional voucher rounds in 2013. More information on these rounds will be available shortly on

About NanoLabNL
Nanotechnology operates at the scale of nanometres – that is, millionths of millimetres. Research in this field makes great demands on laboratories; they must be extremely clean and as vibration-free as possible. In the framework of NanoLabNL TU Delft, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Groningen and University of Twente, working with TNO and Philips Innovation Services, run the Netherlands' four laboratories equipped for nanotechnology research. NanoLabNL is included in the National Roadmap for large-scale research facilities.

For more information on the vouchers and the procedure please contact Rens Vandeberg, head of programme office NanoLabNL at Technology Foundation STW (+31 (0)30 6001 357).

For more information on NanoLabNL please contact Miriam Luizink, chairperson of the Board of the NanoLabNL Foundation (+31 (0)53 489 2733).

More information about the 10 companies

AeroTech Development B.V.:
Bronkhorst High-Tech BV:
MyLife Technologies BV:
PhotonX Networks B.V.: website under construction
Tide Microfluidics:


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